We believe in transparent pricing and billing. Also, in making it as easy as possible for our SME customers to get the contracts they need at a price they can afford on payment terms to suit their cash flow.

You can't get better than that.  

Fixed Price Billing

Price is based on the work involved to prepare your contract and is generally based on a combination of the time it takes and the complexity of the document. 

Our fixed rate drafting is between £75.00/hr (simpler documents) and £125/hr (more complex documents).

Our terms are 50% down payment before work starts and 50% on delivery of the contract. 

EASY PAY is a simple way of spreading the cost of higher priced contracts.

It works like this:

If you would prefer to use our EASY PAY option to spread the balance of our costs over time, you simply tell us when you agree the Order Confirmation, set up a Direct Debit to our account for the balance using one of our published monthly rates and away you go.

If you prefer more of a breakdown on the costs of our services, you can make use of our SMART pricing that provides itemised billing.

Itemised Pricing

SMART value charging:

All commercial contracts have a value. Whether it's the price of a service of the cost of some goods or the prices for some software. We know that business people like to know where they stand and what they are paying for.

We use seven separate metrics to breakdown our SMART contract preparation & delivery charges. Our SMART quotation shows each of these for your requested contract.