Itemised Pricing- 7 metrics breakdown to charges

1. A set-up fixed rate charge- for obtaining customers' details and required commercial terms & selecting an appropriate template;

2. A contract drafting charge- based on fixed rates for estimated preparation time- rates between £35.00/hr and £55.00/hr;

3. A fixed rate contract formatting (spell checking, indexing, clause numbering etc;);

4. A fixed rate contract page and clause pre-release checking and verification charge;

5. A per business day accelerated contract delivery charge reduces the standard turnaround from 7 business days;

6. Total price is the aggregate of Items 1-5 inclusive;

7. Capacity discount is a % discount based on available drafting capacity per 40 hour week;

Time-to-pay options are available (e.g. deposit on engagement + monthly DD for balance).

All Items are costed at the time an Order Confirmation is prepared and are based on the customer's information

 Our EASYPAY alternative is also available to help spread the costs of your contract