Contract Drafting

If you're in the middle of or just starting to talk about a deal for your business and think you might need some sort of contract or other legal document, but don't quite know where to start, we can help you.  

You have two routes to get started:

  1. Leave it to us to select a template and we'll get you up and running based on your requirements; 


  1. You can choose and download a contract template from our sister site on which there are generous discounts for single and multiple documents. 

We can actually do more than that if you need us to and see also our FAQs for more information and on how you can find and select your own legal templates or let us do the hard work for you.

Our Contract Review & Repair service is popular when you're already into contract negotiations and there's a draft agreement in play.

Our Contract Negotiation service can be useful if you need some help focusing on where the key issues are and how to negotiate the best outcome.

There are three ways you can use and pay for our services:

All are subject to our Terms of Business.

See also our FAQs for more information on our services.

Contact us with you requirements.