Legal Templates

Qu: What is a contract document Template?

Ans: It's a draft contract document (i.e. it has parts to be completed) prepared by professionals (often qualified lawyers) that can be used and adapted for specific purpose.

Templates are a convenient place to start preparing commercial agreements and documents. They contain a number of standard provisions that can be adapted to suit particular needs. 

They also have blank areas that are designed to be completed with relevant details.

Templates range from the very simple that are easy to complete and use to the more complex ones that need much more considered and detailed information to be included.

Templates speed up and simplify the preparation of commercial contracts. is a portal library for templates supplied by the UK's longest established online legal templates provider. 

At we provide a number of services for completing and using document templates :

  • Draft a contract from scratch that is either 'neutral' so you can decide what tweaks and changes are needed to reflect your commercial needs, or prepare one that is more 'bespoke' to include your more detailed requirements.
  • Review of a draft contract that you have prepared yourself or that you have received from your counter-party.
  • Amend and repair a contract that is in circulation between your business and a counter-part.
  • Help negotiate your commercial contract.

All are subject to our Terms of Business.

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