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AI Use Policy

Here is an AI generated (Perplexity.ai) suggested AI use policy for businesses based on the UK government's principles-based approach to AI regulation:

 AI Use Policy
This policy outlines the principles and guidelines for the responsible development, deployment and use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems within our organization. It aligns with the UK government's cross-sector AI governance framework.

Core Principles
All AI systems used or developed by our company must adhere to the following core principles:

Safety, Security and Robustness

AI systems must be safe, secure, and robust throughout their lifecycle. Rigorous testing, risk assessments, and mitigation strategies should be implemented to prevent unintended harm or disruption.

Transparency and Explainability 

The decision-making processes of AI systems should be appropriately transparent and explainable to foster trust and accountability. Documentation and clear communication about the capabilities, limitations, and potential impacts are essential.


AI systems must be designed and deployed in a fair and non-discriminatory manner, avoiding unfair bias against protected characteristics or groups.

Accountability and Governance

Clear governance structures, roles, and processes should be established for AI development and use, with defined responsibilities and mechanisms for human oversight and control.

Contestability and Redress

There should be pathways for recourse or challenge regarding AI system outcomes, with effective mechanisms for contesting decisions and seeking redress where appropriate.

Implementation Guidelines
1. AI Impact Assessment: Conduct risk assessments and document the intended use, benefits, limitations, and potential negative impacts of AI systems prior to development or deployment.

2. Data Governance: Ensure robust data governance practices, including data quality, security, privacy protection, and ethical data use principles.

3. Human Oversight: Maintain meaningful human oversight and the ability to intervene or disengage AI systems when necessary.

4. Testing and Monitoring: Implement rigorous testing, validation, and ongoing monitoring processes to evaluate AI system performance, safety, and fairness.

5. Transparency and Explainability: Provide clear and accessible information about AI system capabilities, decision-making processes, and potential impacts to relevant stakeholders.

6. Training and Awareness: Ensure all personnel involved in AI development, deployment, or use receive appropriate training on responsible AI practices, ethical considerations, and this policy.

7.Third-Party AI Systems: Conduct due diligence and ensure third-party AI systems used by the organisation align with this policy.

8. Continuous Improvement: Regularly review and update this policy, AI governance processes, and practices to align with evolving regulations, industry standards, and best practices.

This policy applies to all employees, contractors, and third parties involved in the development, deployment, or use of AI systems within our organization. Violations may result in disciplinary action. For any questions or concerns, please contact the AI Governance Office.

By following this AI use policy, our organisation aims to foster trust, accountability, and responsible innovation in AI while mitigating risks and negative impacts.


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