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  •  09/06/2023 10:30

Indemnities play an important role in commercial contracts. They help protect the parties from financial fall out when things go wrong. That's why it's vital to have some understanding of what an indemnity is and how it works. This article gives an introduction to the topic.

  •  09/06/2023 09:40

In today's more litigious world, limiting liability in commercial contracts is a key part of the negotiating process. There are various ways that an effective limit can be written into contracts and this article looks at some of the more common methods.

  •  20/04/2023 08:33

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play an even more vital role in our lives than it does already. Initially launched in June 2018, the publicly available version of ChatGPT was launched by OpenAI in 2020. We wanted to find out how ChatGPT might help SMEs, so we asked it some questions and we got interesting and, on the whole, helpful replies.

  •  26/03/2023 10:29

Our Spring Newsletter has a host of great content to give SMEs the boost needed to develop and grow your business. SME owners represent 99.9% of the UK's total business.

  •  25/03/2023 17:27

Employee, worker or self-employed- which is to be and how do you work out which one you are or are about to engage? These questions are fraught with confusion and trip-wires, so this article looks at the important factors that help decide who is who on the employment spectrum.

  •  22/02/2023 12:26

"Cash is King". Anyone running a business knows this to be true. So, being paid late for goods or services can and does have a material impact on the ability to continue to trade. Late payments are tough to experience but, however unacceptable, they are a fact of business life. This article explores how to deal with slow payers.

  •  15/02/2023 09:09

It's important that when provisions in a contract are being argued over, that there are some rules for resolving their meaning. This article examines the basic principles that are used in the English courts for interpreting contracts.

  •  14/02/2023 15:35

A key reference point for SMEs wanting to keep up to date with recent developments + many useful contract tips to help stay ahead of the competition.

  •  26/01/2023 09:37

Users and owners of websites are frequently confused about the meaning of 'terms of use' and 'terms and condition' and think they are one and the same. They are not and this article clears up this common misunderstanding.

  •  25/01/2023 10:22

The Small Print is what so many people ignore, but it's a key component of a business' armory when it comes to making money. Terms and Conditions are highly relevant in B2B and B2C transactions and protect the business in many different ways. This article is an introduction to the importance of Ts&Cs.

  •  20/01/2023 16:23

Where there is a lack of trust between parties to an agreement or where a dispute is to be settled or a contract completed, the use of an Escrow arrangement can prove to be very helpful. There are special features involved in setting up an escrow and this article introduces the topic.

  •  13/01/2023 16:55