Pricing Policy

We believe in transparent pricing. Also, in making it as easy as possible for our SME customers to get the contracts they need at a price they can afford on payment terms to suit their cash flow. For ad hoc work our standard charge rate is £165/hr and the following explains how we approach pricing for bespoke work. 

Fixed Pricing

As a bespoke service, our standard fixed pricing is based on the work involved to prepare a document, using a combination of our work time and a document's complexity. 

A fixed price quote is for the delivery of the first version of the ordered document. 

Where changes are requested to that first version, we make a charge, other than for very minor updates such as typos. Alterations are charged at £165.00/hr, or part thereof. We can discuss capping the chargeable time to be spent on amending a document.

Where a fully inclusive price is required to include for the possibility of alterations, we will add a percentage to the quoted fixed price, which will depend on factors such as complexity and the amount of detailed instructions received. 


Any quoted fixed price when agreed must be paid in full in advance of document production and delivery.

Alterations are payable when the document is amended.


We have an on-request EasyPay option for customers wanting to stretch their payments. 

You may pay us over 3 months, with a minimum down-payment of 50%. If you want to request this option, please let us know. We agree EasyPay in special and exceptional circumstances only and details are provided on a case-by-case basis. 

Please read our Terms of Business for further details.