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Key Provisions for Terms and Conditions for Supplying Digital Content to Online Consumers  

Contents: About Us / Contact Information / Scope of Terms / Consumer and Business Customer Distinction / Order Process / Availability / Changes to Orders / Descriptions and Technical Requirements / Permission to Use the Digital Content / Geographical Restrictions / Prices / Payment / Downloading or Streaming the Digital Content / Consumer Cancellation Rights / Faulty Digital Content - Consumer Rights / Liability to Consumers / Privacy Policy / Dispute Resolution / Governing Law and Jurisdiction / Conclusion. 

When providing digital content to online consumers, it is essential to have clear and comprehensive terms and conditions in place.  

This article highlights the key provisions that should be included in terms and conditions for the supply of digital content to online consumers. 

About Us

Include a section that provides information about the business, including its legal name, registration details, registered office address, and VAT number. This helps establish the identity and credibility of the business. 

Contact Information: Clearly state how consumers can contact the business, whether it's through email, phone, or any other preferred method. This ensures that consumers have a way to reach out for inquiries or support. 

Scope of Terms

Explain that the terms and conditions apply to any purchases made on the website.  Emphasise the importance of reading and agreeing to these terms before placing an order.  

Consumer and Business Customer Distinction

Differentiate between consumers and business customers, as certain terms may apply specifically to one group.  Define a consumer as an individual purchasing digital content for personal use, while a business customer refers to those buying digital content for business purposes.  

Order Process

Outline the process of placing an order, including the need for careful review and correction of any errors.  Clarify that the submission of an order does not guarantee its acceptance, and acceptance occurs when the business sends an order confirmation email.  


Inform consumers that the availability of digital content cannot be guaranteed at all times.  Explain that access may be temporarily interrupted due to maintenance or technical reasons.  Additionally, mention that the business reserves the right to stop providing certain digital content if required by law.  

Changes to Orders:  

Specify the procedure for making changes to an order after it has been submitted.  Encourage consumers to contact the business as soon as possible to inquire about the possibility of modifying their order. 

Descriptions and Technical Requirements:  

Provide detailed descriptions of the digital content offered and include a link to the minimum technical requirements for accessing and using the content.  Clearly state that consumers are responsible for ensuring their devices meet these requirements and that they may incur internet charges. 

Permission to Use the Digital Content:  

Explain the licensing terms for using the digital content.  For consumers, clarify that the license is for personal and domestic use only, while business customers are granted a license for internal business purposes.  Highlight restrictions on commercial use and the prohibition of making the content available to others.  

Geographical Restrictions

Specify if the digital content is intended for use only in a specific geographical location, such as the UK.  Advise consumers to ensure compliance with local laws if using the content outside the designated area. 


Clearly state the prices of the digital content, including any applicable taxes.  Indicate that prices may change, but changes will not affect existing orders unless there is an error in pricing, in which case the consumer will be given the option to confirm or cancel the order.  


List the accepted payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any other relevant options.  Explain that payment will be taken at the time of placing the order.  

Downloading or Streaming the Digital Content:  

Include instructions on how consumers can download or stream the digital content.  Clarify any limitations on the number of devices or the duration of availability. Highlight that once downloading or streaming begins, the right to cancel the order is forfeited.  

Consumer Cancellation Rights

Inform consumers of their right to cancel the order within 14 days of receiving the order confirmation email.  However, emphasize that this right is lost once downloading or streaming commences, unless the digital content is faulty.  

Faulty Digital Content - Consumer Rights

Explain that consumers are entitled to digital content that is as described, fit for purpose, and of satisfactory quality. Outline the options available to consumers if the digital content is faulty, including repair, replacement, or a refund.  

Liability to Consumers:  

Specify the business's liability to consumers in case of breach or negligence.  Highlight that the business is liable for foreseeable loss or damage caused by its actions.  Clarify that liability does not extend to unforeseeable loss or damage or any business-related losses.  

Privacy Policy

Refer to the business's privacy policy, which explains how personal information is collected, stored, and used.  Provide a link to the privacy policy for consumers to review. 

Dispute Resolution

Outline the process for handling complaints and disputes, including contact information for submitting complaints. If applicable, mention the availability of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services and provide relevant links. 

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:  

Specify the governing law and jurisdiction that apply to the terms and conditions.  For consumers, state that the laws of England and Wales apply, but they retain any mandatory protections provided by their country's laws.  For business customers, state that the laws of England and Wales govern the terms and any disputes. 


Creating comprehensive terms and conditions for the supply of digital content to online consumers is crucial for establishing a fair and transparent relationship. By including the key provisions outlined in this blog post, businesses can protect their rights and obligations while ensuring consumers are informed and protected throughout the purchasing process.

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