What’s in this Jan-March ‘22 Omnibus? Arts levelling up. 3 Arts Council funding to be redistributed. 3 Brexit 3 Brexit Benefits bulletin. 3 Post Brexit trade volumes in decline. 4 New zealand Free Trade Deal 4 Singapore Free Trade Deal 4 UK-Australia Free Trade deal 5 Step by step webinars and videos for trading with the EU.. 5 Goods Vehicle Movement Service Webinar 5 Supplier declarations webinar 5 Freedom from Brexit red tape in a new Bill 6 Covid-19. 6 Restaurant owner wins its covid claim against its insurer 6 Living with Covid. 6 New £1bn support package announced for omicron affected businesses. 6 VIP lane for PPE procurement judgment 7 Can employers require employees to have a COVID vaccine?. 7 Can employer’s take action against employees who refuse vaccination?. 7 Construction. 7 Material and Skills Shortages. 7 Increase in construction companies going bust 8 Consumers. 8 Amazon no longer blocks UK Visa Credit cards. 8 Contracts. 8 Non-competition clauses. 8 Oral contracts- what jusrisdiction applies?. 8 Time of the essence. 8 What does it take for a cousre of dealing to become part of a contract?. 9 Smart contracts are give a boost by senior judge. 9 Premier League wins in COVID court case. 9 Contract Tip#1 of the quarter - website T&Cs. 10 Contract Tip#2 of the quarter - Maintaining confidentiality. 10 Contract Tip#3 of the quarter- Force majeure. 10 Builder makes an oral contract in personal capacity. 11 So, what does it take to make a binding commercial contract?. 11 Customs Regulations. 11 Data Protection. 11 The ICO launches a data protection consultation. 11 Debt Evasion. 12 Crackdown on directors who dissolve companies to evade debts. 12 E-commerce. 12 ‘The Online Rip-Off Tip-Off’ 12 Employment 12 Retaining confidential information after employment has ended. 12 Employment 13 Trade Unions could challenge overnight pay rises. 13 HMRC’s December edition. 13 Environment 13 The Environment Act 13 HMRC.. 13 Latest Employer Bulletin. 13 Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates and information. 13 Tax updates and changes to guidance. 14 Looking at an Online sales tax. 14 Increase of late payment interest rate. 14 VAT penalty regime deferred to January 2023. 14 Media. 15 Music streaming market enquiry. 15 Film & TV Production Restart Scheme - Process Evaluation. 15 Privacy and Defamation. 15 SLAPPS. 15 Public Procurement for SMEs. 16 Government public procurement guide for SMEs published. 16 Public procurement reform.. 16 Ukraine. 17 Information on the ukraine crisis. 17 The Russian Sanctions. 17 Breaching the Russia trade sanctions. 17 META’S (formerly Facebook) response to the invasion. 17 Crypto aid donations. 18 Cyber security. 18 Publisher’s Notice: 19