Coronavirus. 1Government-backed insurance scheme to give boost to events industry. 1£1 billion grant support package. 1Consumer Protection. 2Reselling tickets- tougher rules. 2Groupon. 2Advertising, marketing and sponsorship. 2Buy now pay later. 3Contracts. 3Contracts- liquidated damages are enforceable after contract termination. 3Battle of the forms- who wins?. 3Smart Legal Contracts. 4Managing inflation in the supply chain. 4Contract Formation. 4Hiding away of onerous terms. 4Data Protection. 4Details of UK privacy regime overhaul lay out likely GDPR flashpoints for EU.. 4Google dodges a class action bullet. 5Employment Agencies. 5Guidance on using non-tax compliant umbrella companies. 5Employer Bulletin from HMRC. 6December edition. 6Environment. 6The Environment Act. 6HMRC. 6Increase of late payment interest rate. 6Hyrbrid Working. 6Consulting and preparing to introduce hybrid working. 6Inflation Looming- Future Proofing Contracts. 7Price Variation in commercial contracts. 7Innovation. 7CBI launches Big Fish, Little Fish. 7Internet. 8Google guidance on removing images of children on image searches. 8Phone Paid Services. 8Who knew there’s a Phone-Paid Services Authority?. 8Public Procurement for SMEs. 8Government public procurement guide for SMEs published. 8Sale of Goods. 9SCAM alert. 9Preposterous Scams. 9Social Media. 9A new Code of Conduct for influencers. 9Telecommunications. 10Latest on broadband and mobile network availability. 10Red Phone Boxes for the axe?. 10Video Sharing Platforms. 11Guidance on measures to protect users from harmful material 11 Publisher’s Notice: 12