Contract review and repair

Unsure of how to deal with a draft commercial contract you have received, then we can help you.  Changes are best made before you sign.

It often helps to have a commercial contract specialist look at a contract to check where hidden risks may lie and where improvements can be made. 

We have years of commercial contracts experience to draw on to help you evaluate yours deals before you sign, or even after you have signed for that matter.  

We do now employ AI to contract analysis in some situations and where its helps speed up the process.

We can actually do more than that if you need us to: 

Our Contract Negotiation service can be useful if you need some help focusing on where the key issues are and how to negotiate the best outcome.

Our Contract Drafting services come in very handy when you are not sure where to start on a contract that will help your business secure a deal.

See our pricing policy and terms of business.