Commercial Starter Guide

This is a Guide for entrepreneurs, owners, directors, and managers, covering various topics related to contracts and business operations.


About this document

This is an in-depth guide designed to assist entrepreneurs, owners, directors, and managers in navigating the complexities of running and owning a business.  Written in plain English and free from legal jargon, this guide aims to provide valuable information on key topics that frequently arise in the business world. The guide begins by introducing the role of contract specialists, such as Contracts-Direct, who offer guidance and support to businesses in relation to their contractual agreements and transactions.  The Guide covers a wide range of topics, including contract structure and content, contract variation, terms and conditions of business, joint ventures, outsourcing, franchising, intellectual property, trade-marks, copyright, agency and distribution, sale and supply of goods and services, advertising, marketing and sponsorship, shareholders' agreements, company directors' duties, contractual joint ventures, and e-commerce. 

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