Marketing to Consumers Guide

This is an in-depth Guide and introduction to marketing to UK consumers.

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About this document

This Guide provides an in-depth introduction to marketing to consumers, focusing on direct marketing and the regulations that govern it in the UK. It begins by defining direct marketing as the targeted advertising of products or services to specific individuals through various channels such as post, email, telephone calls, text messages, websites, and social media.  The document delves into the UK GDPR overview, explaining the two potential lawful grounds for processing personal data in direct marketing: legitimate interests and consent.  It also highlights the right of individuals to object to their personal data being processed for direct marketing purposes.  The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) 2003 are discussed in detail, covering specific rules on marketing calls, emails, texts, and faxes, as well as the use of cookies and customer privacy.  The document also addresses other forms of marketing, such as postal and non-electronic marketing, telephone marketing, automated calls, email, text, and social media messaging, online marketing, viral marketing, and lead generation.  Overall, this guide serves as a valuable resource for understanding the legal and regulatory aspects of marketing to consumers in the UK.

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