Shareholders' Agreement (individuals)

This template is a short form shareholders' agreement for two or more individuals who have already invested in a UK company.


About this document

This template is a standard short form shareholders' agreement between two or more shareholders in a private limited company incorporated in England and Wales.  It outlines the terms and conditions on which the company will operate and how the shareholders will exercise their rights.  The agreement covers various aspects such as shareholdings and financing, the business activities of the company, the appointment and removal of directors, warranties provided by the shareholders, accounting and information rights, covenants of the company and shareholders, and transfers and allotments of shares.  It also includes provisions on compliance with the articles of the company, restrictive covenants, protection of goodwill, confidentiality, termination, and miscellaneous provisions. The template provides a framework for the original shareholders to govern their relationship and protect the company's interests.  It is important to note that this document is a template and should be customised to fit the specific needs and circumstances of the shareholders and the company. 

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