20 Jan

Otherwise known as Terms and Conditions (Ts&Cs).

Why use them?

Standard terms and conditions, if used correctly and duly incorporated into a transaction, are fundamental to income generation. 

They should form the basis of all contracts and provide a framework for day-to-day operations as well as protection in contractual matters. However, businesses often overlook their standard terms and focus on generating revenue.

They are an essential and worthwhile investment into a business and should be considered as part of the income generating activities, just as much as advertising and marketing activities.

Advantages of using standard terms and conditions: 

  1. Provide a framework for transactions for repeat orders; 
  2. Compliance with legal requirements, e.g. when dealing with consumers;
  3. Provide consistency between all business transactions; 
  4. Protect profit margins from being eroded;
  5. Save time and money in bespoke negotiations;
  6. Demonstrate a professional and organised approach to business and helps build trust with customers
  7. Improve cash flow and manage credit risk;
  8. Enhance a party's bargaining position;
  9. Provide the opportunity for a party to impose its terms on the other (see our article on battle of the forms);
  10. Improve efficiency in concluding transactions; and 
  11. Manage risk and responsibility in transactions.

Let us know if you need some terms and conditions for your business- it is one of our most requested documents.

Alse see our article on Terms of Use vs Terms and Conditions.

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