Joint Venture Shareholders' Agreement (deadlock)

This template if a long form JV shareholders' agreement for corporates providing for deadlocks


About this document

This document is an agreement between corporate shareholders of a UK company, outlining various provisions and procedures related to the management and operation of the company.  It covers topics such as deadlock resolution, sale and purchase of shares, restrictive covenants, data protection, and confidentiality. The agreement defines a deadlock as a situation where a resolution proposed at a board or general meeting fails to achieve a quorum or necessary approval.  In the event of a deadlock, the shareholders have the option to refer the matter to their respective chief executive officers for resolution.  If the deadlock is not resolved within a specified timeframe, either shareholder has the right to serve a deadlock resolution notice, offering to either sell or purchase all of the other shareholder's shares at a specified price.  The document also includes provisions regarding the completion of share transfers, compliance with the company's articles, and the protection of confidential information. It is important to note that this document is a template and should be customised to fit the specific needs and circumstances of the shareholders and the company. 

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